Quality Assurance Lab Technician ATS - Cambridge

Position Overview:

The Quality Assurance Lab Technician reports to the Quality Manager. The Lab Tech is responsible for assurance that raw materials, batch product, and finish product in cartons meets or exceeds to quality standards established by the department. The Lab Tech verifies conformity through measurements and assessment. The Lab Tech uses sound judgment to make rational decisions pertaining to recommended adjustments, corrective actions and disposition of goods. Success in this position requires fast paced performance in a team environment and interpersonal skills.

Key Job Functions & Responsibilities:

  1. Assessment of finished product quality using standard test methods 
  2. Collection evaluation of samples to assure raw material quality 
  3. Provide support to plant production to ensure continuous quality operations
  4. Investigate, collect data, and implement solutions to quality issues
  5. Recommend changes and improvements based upon analysis, knowledge and experience
  6. Assist Quality Manager with special products, reports, and training needs
  7. Testing of sanitation chemicals to assure effectiveness
  8. Maintain and secure manufacturing specification controlled documents
  9. Generate shift paperwork or paperless records to support daily shift activity
  10. Perform random case audits for quality, package, and coding compliance
  11. Collection, assembly, and shipment of customer samples and paperwork

Performance Measurements:

  1. Improvement in equipment and process performance as measured by the number of cases shipped related to the total number of cases produced 
  2. Reduction of customer complaints
  3. Reduction of Quality Claims
  4. Reduction in level of defects
  5. Impact of production support as related to performance and operating time (Measured by production supervisors)
  6. Continue customer satisfaction in food safety and quality system audit (Audit scores equal to or greater than previous year)
  7. Zero work related accidents


  • High School diploma or GED
  • Steel Toe Work Boots
  • Resume
  • Completion of ATS interview and screenings


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Additional Info

  • Full Time / Part Time: Full Time
  • Pay Range: $10.00 per hour
  • City: Zanesville
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